Here, you will find every available release of Arabeske. If this is your first try, you should use the stable version. To go further, the development releases (if any) allow you to test new features which will only be part of the next stable version many months later.

To keep informed of new releases, select the Help -> Updates menu. Arabeske will then connect to this site and will report the latest stable and development releases.

Please note tha Arabeske is freely distributable under the terms of the GNU Public License. Please ensure it suits your need before downloading the source code.

Stable version

The latest stable version of Arabeske is 2.0.1.

Java application: Floppy icon Arabeske-2.0.1.jar [314 kB]
Software source code: Floppy icon [298 kB]

Development releases

Welcome behind the scenes!

This place is aimed at curious people and at those willing to contribute to its enhancement. You will find every available development releases with their sources.

The development releases list is currently empty, just because a new stable version just came out. In a few weeks, new 2.1.0 releases will be available, including the new features needing testing. This will progressively lead to a new stable 2.2 version which will integrate all these changes. This will take a long time: it took more than 3 years to reach 2.0 after 1.0 was out.

The more, the merrier. Arabeske development needs a lot of energy, not only for Java programming: site development, beta-tests, documentation and translation take time. A mailing list ties people contributing to the project. If you want to join us, just drop me an e-mail, we'll be happy to welcome you.

Date Application Source Changes
24-apr-2004 2.1.0 2.1.0 Upgrade to Java 1.4: a JVM 1.4.x is now mandatory.
Unlimited undo/redo feature for object changes (but not for creations/deletions), available either from a menu or by typing ctrl-Z/ctrl-Y in the drawing window.
Zoom factor now tunable through the +/- keys and the mouse wheel.
7-dec-2004 2.1.1 2.1.1 Improved undo/redo menu access.
Minor GUI changes.
Dutch translation.


Ensure first you have a java2 version 1.3 runtime environment on your machine. This is mandatory, and having an applet run in your browser doesn't ensure it. In fact, if the following results in a bunch of insults thrown by your machine, you can bet the installation is not done! If you need to, go and get a JRE, for instance from Sun.

Download the JAR archive you want, and do not uncompress it.

With most systems, you just need to (double-)click on the archive's icon to start the application. Under windows, if double-clicking does not run Arabeske, you probably need to associate the ".jar" file extension with java

Some incompatibilities with Windowblinds under xp were reported to cause Arabeske to crash.

You will find the information needed to run Arabeske in the documentation.