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Welcome to Arabeske Studio!

Arabeske Studio is a Java tool designed to help arabesque drawings. It is particularly aimed at 3D artists wishing to use complex patterns for their scene settings, including walls, parquets, windows... but can be used as a special 2D drawing tool to design original patterns.

It relies on a heavy use of symmetry groups to quickly produce amazing frames, easy to texture and use as image maps. Several 2D export formats are supported, and POV-Ray users will benefit from a powerful dedicated exporter.



This picture was made by Laume using Blender and an in-progress EPS converter by Jean-Michel Soler Laume also wrote a tutorial (in French) explaining how to deal with the various pitfalls of a method which is still experimental. . A promising beginning! More pictures...
Developer's Corner

If this is your first visit, you should start with a look at the gallery to get a more precise idea of what Arabeske Studio can do for you. A second step should be to read the documentation, which will guide you step by step towards your first patterns. Play with Arabeske, experiment, have fun... and contribute if you like it!

NEW! Arabeske 2.1.1 is out (december 7th 2004) This development release features an improved undo/redo, some minor GUI changes, and a Dutch translation thanks to Dirk Bosmans. Please note that it may be instable! The reference stable release remains 2.0.1.

You will find the latest releases in the Developer's Corner. Arabeske 1.0 users can take a look at a screenshot to see how the new version looks like. The code is available under the GNU General Public License. Do not hesitate to try it, to report bugs, suggest improvements... or implement them!


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