Crypta is just another port of the well-known EMACS M-X mpuz game. There are already many other ports, including a nice GTK+ one, and probably several expensive commercial versions for those enjoying the windows way of life. The rules are the same: a 2x3 digits multiplication is generated, and its digits are replaced by letters. The game consists in finding the correspondance between letters and digits, thus guessing the original multiplication.

However, this version is a bit different, as the puzzle generator is crossed with a dictionary. Thanks to a simple algorithm, the letters on each line will always give real words instead of being chosen at random. The game automatically selects the user's favourite language, and currently supports French and English.

Play online

As Crypta is both a Java application and an applet, it can be played online. Just let it work a few seconds to generate the puzzles, and refresh the page to get a new one.


Crypta is free software, and can be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

To play Crypta at home, you will need a properly installed Java 1.4 runtime environment. Download the jar file, and double-click on it or type java -jar crypta.jar


Source code is not needed to play, but is available for all purposes allowed by the licence. Users are strongly encouraged to contribute new translations.


The mandatory screenshot, in an animated version.


©François Dispot 2006