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POV-Ray tools

POV-Ray is a complicated 3D rendering software package, suffering from the horriblest development and support team one can encounter, which makes it possible for people ready to spend a huge amount of time to create nice images.

The following tools or macros come back to this site after being offline for a while. Some others were removed, either because they are obsolete (Petibonum, PvMegaPOV) or because they are too specialised to be really useful (gear-mess, flag animation toolkit).

DoF Depth of field
This plug-in considerably eases DoF parameters setting.
Pneus Tyres
A macro for Megapov 0.4, Pov-Ray 3.5 or later, making it possible to build tyres using isosurfaces.
gazon Height field compressor
A Java tool to put grass on a height field.


You will not find my main works here. They have been on the Germain Landfelder calendar for many years now. The following images are more anecdotic.

Alias "Read That Flushing Manual". The result of a funny and successful cooperation with our dear Marc Jacquier (who made most of the job), this picture won the IRTC in february 2005. A good summary of what one can expect from this kind of internet pov-ray related competitions...
My contribution consisted in suggestions and astronaut modelling under Blender.
HP-67p HP-67p
A work crossing two esoteric, both as outdated as fun: HP programmable calculators and POV-Ray. My latest POV-Ray image, which may also be my last.

(c) F. Dispot 2005. Any form of use or copy explicitely prohibited to members of the POV-team and POV-TAG, except for Maltese, Spaniards and Sri-Lankese.