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What is it?

This macro for POV-Ray 3.5 makes it quite easy to make realistic tyres, using an user-defined treads.

This macro uses isosurfaces and thus is not compatible with POV-Ray 3.0 or 3.1


The first thing to do is to include this macro in your source file, before calling it.
When you need to create a tyre, call the macro, providing its eight parameters:

Tyre( R, Rint, Ep, Fm, Em, Hbase, Htop, k_lathe )

The above parameters have the following meaning (see figure below):

parameters [4k]

Treads description

The trickiest part. The files describes in a similar way as a height_field, the shape of treads. A black and white picture is suitable here. The darker the colour, the closer to the outside the surface gets. The tyre would print the darkest areas on a hard ground while rolling, while the brightest areas would not appear.

The picture must be horizontal, using any scale, while keeping the same proportions as the real shape would certainly make things easier.

Be careful: the isosurface code used makes it mandatory to have white pixels on the upper and lower lines. A single pixel width is enough, but must be present.

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You will find below a zip archive including the macro file, this documentation and an example.

tyre.zip [65 kb]

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